Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Off site SEO or Off Page SEO: 
This is the most important part of SEO because all search engines now rank the websites by their inboud and outbund links.this is just one kind of vote system, the website will get higher who has more votes.Other thing is to find pages and sites that have similar meaning to your target website and either link to them or if you have the ability to get them to link to you. Of course with real time search and the evolution of social sites like Twitter and Facebook, off site SEO campaigns wouldn’t be complete without a social element. With the goal of any web surfer to find the best quality content it has always been in the best interest of the search engines to serve up the highest quality and trusted sites. They do this by determining the age of the URL, back-links to the site (especially from other trusted sites), the relevance of the site itself, and confirming click through rates from browsers. Now with the availability of real-time data and social chatter available for just about every subject under the sun it would be negligent to ignore the importance of social media in any off site SEO campaign.

Off Site SEO factors,

a. Links to your site

b. Press releases- If you choose to do a press release and it gets picked up by some other news entities, it’s a great way to get your name out there and also probably some links back to your siteGuests.

c. Blog posts – Creating blog and comenting ralated other blogs you can hopefully get more links back.

d. article directory submissions

e. Social media Facebook Mentions & Shares – along with other social media entities are really important to increase engagement to your site like: Tweets, Pins, and Reddits. All these social media signals express engagement for your site and engagement is a really important factor in off-site optimization.

f. RSS Feed

Last of all, above mensioned factors are more important for your website to do both your on site and off site SEO to ensure long term success.


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