Wednesday, June 12, 2013


On site SEO or On Page SEO: 
On site SEO is to arrange your website so smoothly such as URL, keyword, meta tag, Tittle, Header, site internal links etc.Starting with onsite SEO it is important to know that a good, well built site with a flat link architecture. Other factors that make up good on-site SEO would be clean or human readable URL’s, congruent content from the top of the page to the bottom of every page including page title, meta description and keywords. The links into each page needs to match the content and the links pointing off of the page need to have a similar theme expanding relevance and link authority to other pages within the website.

On Site SEO Factors,
a. Domain Name: Keep in mind for choosing domain name. It must human readable and must mach with your keyword.
b. Title Tag
c. Meta Description
d. Header Tags
e. XML sitemap
f. Rich Media Files (like your images or video you have on your site) 
g.The alt tags for these rich media files. You want to have these optimized with some key words.
h. Anchor text- both internal and external
i. Page speed – is coming more and more important for on-page optimization so you want to cache your page and make sure all your files are compressed