Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks

I have a website and I want to rank my website for search engines. Then the great jobs is to make backlinks. There are two types of back links. These are-
1. DoFollow and 2. NoFloow
1. Dofollow
Dofollow Link is a hyperlink that is able to tell all search engines to pass along it’s page rank influence to an outbound link.
If you will use or get do follow links then search engines will count your link in the eyes of google, yahoo, bing etc as backlink for your site and you can get some positive value for your site ranking.
Dofollow Link= <a href=”http://www.google.com/”>Google</a>
2. No Follow
Nofollow Link is exactly the opposite. It is a hyperlink that removes the ability to pass on it’s page rank status to other sites.
Nofollow are for not crawling a link by search engine that influence the ranking of a particular website or blog in search engines.
Nofollow Link Or  <a href=”inproblog.com” rel=”nofollow”>Inproblog</a>
From where will you get dofollow liks. See below lists
Blogspot, Wordpress, livejournal, blogsome, tumblr, blogetery, easyjournal, clearblogs, blogster, thoughts
Last of all, I suggest to practice for Do follow links because It is great to link to high page ranking pages on other sites and allow the search There’s nothing wrong with getting NoFollow links. In fact, you’ll want to get an equal amount of them as well and  I personally believe that blog comments should be DoFollow because it builds a better sense of community and Bloggers helping Bloggers.


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